Conveyor systems

Light Good Conveyors
  • roller conveyors,
  • belt conveyors,
  • stripe conveyors,
  • inclined conveyors,
  • gravity conveyors,
  • bend conveyors,
  • turntable conveyors,
  • transfer units,
  • separation units,
  • merger units,
  • lifting tables 
  • various lifts that provide vertical transportation and linking conveyors, which are located in separate levels.
Palette Conveyors
  • roller conveyors 
  • chain conveyors,
  • inclined conveyors,
  • gravity conveyors,
  • turntable conveyors and turntables,
  • transfer units and
  • lifting tables.
For Special Goods
  • Medicines in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Envelopes and other items – mail distribution centers
  • Tires
  • For needs in the automotive industry (body parts, etc.)
  • Barrels
  • Food items
  • Heavy goods
Electrified Monorail Conveyors (EMC)
  • Hanging transport system (Used e.g. for clothing, car parts)
Floor Track Systems (EBB)
Different Automatic Transverse Shuttle (ATS) with Different Rail Systems
  • aluminum,
  • steel
  • welded joints 
  • screwed joints
Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

Installation of the required sensors